Case Study

Impala project management framework: Efficiency at scale

June 23, 2022

Over the last decade we at Impala have developed a robust process management framework to help clients create fully compliant and user friendly instruction manuals, 3D product images, virtual showrooms and more. Our structured and systematic approach enables us to help clients drive efficiency by onboarding their product teams and suppliers directly into the Impala project management framework. Project management is an integral part of our service offering and helps our clients reduce internal workload as we can take over tasks such as data collection and communications with suppliers. In this article we describe how we operate and help our clients save time and cost by freeing up their internal resources who can then focus on their primary job.

The starting point: Collecting accurate and complete datasets

At the beginning of every project we provide our clients with an intake form. Via this form we collect detailed information related to the specific project deliverables, language requirements, intended target markets and so on. The advantage of this approach is that we collect all relevant information in an automated way and in a consistent format – supported by our proprietary process management software. Oftentimes information can be selected in one single session and we do not need to involve our clients directly, but handle everything for them. We thereby avoid time consuming back-and-forths that usually occur when complex information is collected via other communication channels, such as email. This helps both us as well as our clients to save time and money.

Internal project kick-off: Executing fast and flawless

Once we have received all information we kick-off internally. Project deliverables and timelines are defined based on the respective project SLAs. Tasks are then automatically assigned with a sophisticated trafficking system that notifies our team members and also helps them prioritise activities. Every task owner is given a fixed timeframe sufficient to complete a task. Upon completion, subsequent tasks are automatically assigned to other Impala team members. The advantage of this approach is that we maximise the utilisation of subject matter expertise within our project teams.

Transparent reporting via live dashboards and dedicated project managers

Our process management system also helps us create transparency. Clients who have been fully onboarded are granted access to a reporting dashboard that shows them the status of ongoing tasks – in real-time. Being able to see how projects are proceeding and knowing that they are going to be completed on time and as planned provides our clients with a high degree of assurance and trust.

We often rely on automated processes that minimise inefficient interactions to avoid delays and misunderstandings. However, we also recognise the importance of adding a human touch. All our clients and their suppliers work with an Impala project manager. To guarantee consistent communications one account manager is fully dedicated to a project and oversees all tasks related to it end-to-end. This has helped us save our clients up to 30% of total project delivery time. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you increase efficiency when working with your suppliers.