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Ultra-Realistic & Editable Virtual Reality (VR) Product Photos 

Product photoshoots are often complex and costly.


Our completely digital photography is a great way for consumer brands to create high resolution, yet low-cost product, marketing and merchandising photos directly from CAD drawings or product snapshots (i.e. photos taken with a smartphone).


You can easily modify the 3D image files, add or remove objects, change the lighting, or rotate angles and upload 3D models to your webshop for a unique and interactive product presentation.

Say goodbye to time-consuming and costly sample deliveries and photo studio bookings. Welcome to our ground-breaking ways to put your product into the spotlight.


Check out our example images below and get in touch to discuss your virtual photo project.

Original Photo

Photoshoots are difficult to organise and costly: hiring photographers, talent, cost of shipping items. Furthermore, external factors, such as weather conditions for outdoor shoots, cannot be controlled.

Virtual Reality / 3d Image

Virtually generated images, just like the one shown above, are basically indistinguishable from real photos. They also offer more flexibility as they are fully editable. Best of all, they often cost less (in particular when multiple shots are required).

Why Virtual Reality Photography?

Why virtual reality / 3D photography?


In most cases, photos taken with a smartphone and sometimes even 2D renderings are sufficient to generate high-quality HD or 4K virtual reality images. Product samples are typically not required. This reduces manufacturing, as well as shipping costs. 


Depending on the number of shots required, the cost for creating digital photos can be up to 30 % lower than the cost of traditional photos. If multiple product angles or different product colours are required, 3D images are a very cost-effective option.


Unlike standard photos that often take a long time to retouch and are hard to edit (if at all possible), virtual product photos can easily be edited. Launching a new colour variation of an existing product has never been easier!

data collection

We collect simple product photos (by smartphone from the factory), as well as technical drawings.

3D Model Creation

We create a 3D model of your products and submit a draft photo rendering for approval.



If there are any comments on the draft we make edits accordingly.

HD / 4K Image is Delivered

We deliver photorealistic imagery together with a 3D model. The 3D model can be used to replace traditional 360° photos and can be directly used in web shops.

Our Process

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