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Translation & Localisation Services for User Manuals & Technical Documents

Impala provides translation and localisation services for European languages such as German, English, French and Spanish as well as the most common Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).


We employ in-house translators (native speakers) to meet the highest translation and editing quality standards.


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Avoiding usability issues

Making Manuals Relevant and Reducing Product Recall Risks

Understanding how consumers with different cultural backgrounds use products is important when translating manuals into multiple languages.

For instance, in some countries, consumers may use blenders to make milkshakes and smoothies, whereas other blenders are used to prepare soup. Plastic components not designed to withstand high temperatures can then cause problems and lead to costly product recalls. 

Minimising Legal Exposure

Displaying required Safety and Energy Information 

Understanding the regulatory frameworks of different countries can be a daunting task. Not adhering to the correct safety and energy requirements however can become costly in the event of a user accident. At Impala, we constantly follow changes in regulatory frameworks to ensure that our clients’ manuals and packagings are legally compliant. We also work closely with testing labs and have informal connections with policy guiding committees and universities to learn about new developments early on. 

Reducing Printing Costs

Omitting Non-Required Content and Labels
When it comes to health and safety, we are always on the side of caution, but we also understand that many of our clients print hundreds of thousands of manuals, and that non-critical safety warnings that are not legally required in a country result in unnecessary printing and translation costs. In such cases we advise our clients on which warnings can be omitted to help reduce printing costs. Read our case study on how we helped a large European vacuum cleaner brand save 30,000 USD in user manual printing costs.  

Cm or inches? Effective user manual translations consider the cultural context of the end user.

Experienced In-House Team

Our team of professional translators is able to take on challenging, multi-language translation projects and to deliver consistent quality.


We have worked with brands from many sectors, including audio, video, household appliances, and domestic appliances.

We are used to working with short timelines to help our clients reduce go-to-market time. 

Fast Turnaround

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