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Enabling a leading global e-commerce marketplace to reduce go-to-market time by 60 % 

In this article, we show how we helped a leading e-commerce retailer to significantly reduce production times and push their products faster into the market.

The biggest and most interesting challenges our clients present us with are those that require us to leverage our ability to provide integrated solutions. When one of our largest clients, a leading e-commerce marketplace, asked us to reduce the go-to-market time for the 150 SKUs that we managed at that time, we realised that this was an opportunity to further strengthen our strategic partnership with them. We saw this as a chance to demonstrate that we know the value of the services that we provide go beyond writing instruction manuals, translating them into 18 languages, taking most of their product photos and producing all their packaging (working with hundreds of suppliers across China). At Impala, we can have the most profound impact when we can help our clients run their business more effectively. 

How We Tackled the Challenge

When our client first asked us to significantly reduce time-to-market while maintaining the same copywriting and translation quality, we were concerned, and this was especially because we managed technically complex products in the “do it yourself” (DIY), lighting, sanitary, as well as small and large domestic appliances categories. However, after analysing all our processes, we identified three concrete measures that would help us shorten the cycle:


Effective and accurate content collection:

We created comprehensive content input forms that suppliers, as well as sourcing teams, had to fully complete before we would start on any work. That way, we would have all critical product information and specs available, such as the voltage, wattage, energy consumption and so on.  

Parallel production:

Instead of developing different deliverables consecutively, we would produce manuals and packagings for a given SKU in parallel. That way our team would remain more focused on the item and ultimately deliver faster.

Shorter and more focused feedback loops:

We got our client to reduce the timeframe for feedback from their end and to reduce the number of people who would be involved. Showing how long it had previously taken them to give us final approvals, they agreed that it was only fair to improve efficiencies on their end. The fact that typically most of our draft submissions required none or few comments, this also turned out to be a major time and cost saver for them.


Beating Expectations and Getting Products Online Faster Than Ever Before

After an adjustment period of six months, we were finally able to reduce time-to-market by 60%, without committing more resources to the project from our end. For an e-commerce platform armed with actionable data on shifting consumption patterns, new popular products, and colours, this was a phenomenal result that went far beyond the typical added value of a technical writing house.


For Impala, results have been equally pleasing as we are happy to say that we have been able to further grow our business relationships with the client and are now one of their strategic partners in Greater China. We also firmly believe that this is a great case study that demonstrates our integrated abilities.


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